Travel Mug

Logo Work for The Reclaimed a Zero-Waste web store based in L.A. I also created signifying logos for the different sustainability options for each product they sell. Lastly, I created a hand drawn and digitized postcard.


Infinx Inc. is a link between healthcare providers, insurance companies and patients. They recently did a complete overhaul and updated their web presence. I was on the team aiding in Visual design, Co-direction with infographics, but mostly Icon design. All these Icons were built as needed, which was an exciting journey in a fast paced team environment. I learned a lot and got to flex some skills in the process. They were utilized in web as well as print!

Syrma Technology

On This site my role was visual designer. I worked with the visual team to create banners and landing page graphics alongside my icon work. These icons were created for Syrma Technology, an RFID systems company. They were made to be utilized for infographics, website use and booth displays.

For Kairos' new fellowship recipients announcement I created individual profiles of recipients to be used for social media marketing. I also was asked to create a simple yet eye catching T-shirt design.


I have done an assortment of work for the organization BYP100. Here we have a graphic created as the main graphic for their National Convening in 2017 elements of this graphic were taken to make all the collateral for the event following its theme. The others are covers of booklets I did design and layout for, unfortunately the information inside is proprietary so I cannot share the booklets layout. Currently I am working with them to create a more streamlined style guide and all the collateral for the 2018 National Convening.


T-shirt and Enamel Pin design done for Palmss a Magazine/Multimedia Project as a part of their release of the magazine.

Try The Pie LP Design

I worked with Try The Pie on the art direction for this record, but I was lead designer for the cover, insert and center label. I love the photo we chose for the cover.

Try the Pie is a solo effort by Bean Tupou.

Listen to the music here: TRY THE PIE

Syrma Technology Trade Show Booth

This 8’ high by 10’ long booth was designed for a convention attended by Syrma Technology. It was printed in India and brought to Paris where the show was held. I asked the salesmen to grab a photo of the physical display for me, I wish there were some shots of it in use!

Isharya Look Book

Here are a couple choice pages from of a Look Book Brochure I made at Isharya. The model photos really set a great mood for the Serpent Orb Collection, it was fun to do the layout design! This brochure was sent out with orders and was made with the intention of being viewed in print and for web which is why the final page is designed with a CTA button.

Isharya Mailers

Isharya is a premium Indian jewelry brand based in both U.S. and India. I did many things at this company like photo styling, brochures, look books, and web ads. Here is an example of some fun shopping mailers I designed that we sent out for various occasions. These were fun to make! Working with the photographer from the beginning helped these come together easily and aided in the striking looks being manipulated less.

Shirt Design

I started designing and silk screening short runs of T-shirts with authors I like. I have many in mind for the future a lot of them are chopped from old news clippings or book covers and then repurposed.