KNOWING YOUR WORTH is a collaborative community building art project by Sara Gonzalez (Pilsen, Chicago) and I. It is a portrait series of P.O.C people, families, partners, students and friends from both Chicago and San Jose. All of them asked to answer the question…
All responses and portraits compiled into a zine. This zine has charge and purpose: with this zine we documented the stories, feelings and experiences people of color have that are familiar, sacred, and personal. It is often that people of color are not acknowledged as the complex individuals that they are with valuable stories to express. This zine project was created with the goal in mind to shift that, to celebrate our complexity, and to give people space to tell intimate stories they may not get to tell. It is a practice of vulnerability- to acknowledge, say, and name the people, places, or things that you hold closely and fiercely without shame. Our identities and stories have been silenced and we hope to illuminate them in their brilliance. We want to capture the sacred and familiar to make it visible and open the possibilities for relating to others’ stories. When we find connection or relate to one another we draw closer to one another. For many of us there are reasons to feel “worth-less” and this project was an attempt to help many of us find our value. This project aims to host workshops and travel the show adding to its archive of responses to the question.


Think and Die Thinking collective

Since 2011, Think and Die Thinking collective has hosted DIY and all ages events in San Jose and the South Bay. In the past, our main focus has been Think and Die Thinking Fest, an all-ages music festival that is by and for musicians, artists and community members who are queer, trans, people of color, women, and allies. We hope to extend the positive impact that this fest has on ourselves and our community to the youth of San Jose and the South Bay.

My Dungeon Shook YS Vol. 1.jpg



SUMMER OF DISCONTENT is a 3 month long event, related to THINK AND DIE THINKING. It was created as an experiment in kick-starting some creativity and making space for people who might not always feel they get to be creative. It serves to document our experiences and record our collective histories, through self-publishing. The event stretches from the beginning of summer (June) till the end of summer (September). Participants create a new zine or zines over the period of the summer. We have check ins and provide support with layout, printing and ideas. All persons participating make at least 10 zines to give into a big trade, each person who participated will in return get 10 zines at random at the END OF SUMMER ZINE RELEASE event.







MY DUNGEON SHOOK is an archival storytelling project that aims to encourage a culture of expression through writing. MY DUNGEON SHOOK provides workshops for high school youth, while collecting writing by unpublished authors with the intention of preserving histories in the South Bay.