Every time I use my Grandmas Safeway club card number.

Silicon valley debug April 2018

(She’s Got) Power: Tasha’s Soulful Ethos of Black Love and Liberation

Bandcamp april 2017

Displacing the Unprofitable and Undesirable in San Jose’s Fountain Alley

Silicon valley debug april 2017

NEVER COMPARE CROWNS: Musings on john henryism and the work of creatives

philadelphia printworks march 2017

White Folks and Faux Nihilism

Silicon Valley Debug march 2017

Interview with Chinwe Okona

The Media Issue 74, December 2016

Interview with Leslie Patron of Cheers from the Wasteland

Silicon Valley Debug February 2016

The Crushing Sense Of Nobodiness Part II

Silicon Valley Debug December 2016.

Supporting Each Other in the Trump Era

Silicon Valley Debug December 2016

The Crushing Sense Of Nobodiness Part I

Silicon Valley Debug December 2016

No Need For Permission - Finding Liberation In Spaces We Create

Silicon Valley Debug November 2016

My Dungeon Shook: An experiment in preservation and interpretation

The Media Issue 62, November 2015

2 Metric tons of steel, 100 kilometers an hour: Permanent Ruin on tour in Europe journal

Maximum Rock n Roll Magazine Issue 388, August 2015.